Sugars Starting to Climb as Harvest Approaches

We just took our first sugar samples, and we are getting close to beginning harvest. Sauvignon Blanc sugars were in the 22’s, Chardonnay 19’s and 20’s and the one Merlot Block we tested was 22.4. We’ll do more testing next week.

Veraison is finished in nearly all varieties, and we are catching up to last year in some of the reds. View completion dates by block here.  Due to the heat, I believe harvest dates will meet and maybe surpass 2016 in some of the red varieties. We will know more about that when we do more extensive sampling.

Currently, we are adjusting crop loads. Clusters are much smaller this year so I will be leaving more clusters per vine to achieve targeted yields.

Due to the high heat, I am increasing the amount of applied water this week. Usually I am decreasing water this time of year due to the shorter days and cooler nights, but this year the relentless heat is putting higher water demand on the grapevines. Check the website for more updates soon.