Historical Overview

In 1968, Thomas A. Alberg, Sr., purchased 235 acres of land now known as Stillwater Creek Vineyard in the Frenchman Hills of the Columbia Valley near Royal City.  Though Mr. Alberg and his family long suspected the land would make an excellent vineyard, it wasn’t until the Albergs gathered historical data from the property in the late 1990’s that the site’s suitability for wine grapes was confirmed.

In 2000, the Albergs began planting a wide selection of premium vinifera grapes with the intent of developing a vineyard known for its quality grapes and unique selection of clones.  Mr. Alberg’s son, Tom, is the Managing Director of the family entity that owns and operates Stillwater Creek Vineyard.  His brother, Mike, was actively involved in the development and early management of the Stillwater and their brother, David, manages a cherry orchard on a portion of the property.  Tom and his wife, Judi, also founded Novelty Hill Winery, focusing on estate-grown wines crafted by veteran winemaker, Mike Januik, primarily using grapes from Stillwater Creek Vineyard.  In addition, approximately two-thirds of Stillwater’s grapes are sold to other top vintners in Washington state.