2019 Mid-Season Growing Report

Bloom is behind us (see dates by blocks), and we have now completed cordon suckering, trunk suckering, shoot positioning and hedging, and the leafing process is well underway too. Following leafing, we will begin crop load adjustments. So far, the canopy and fruit look great, and shoot growth is excellent. Here’s today’s look at Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay, along with a few pictures of Sauvignon Blanc. 

Fruit set has varied around the vineyard due to rains and high winds during bloom. For the most part fruit set is good, but there are a few areas where it has been light. We will begin cluster counts soon in order to make adjustments for target crop loads.

The weather this year has been a little unusual. In general the temperatures have been slightly cooler than normal and have either been very warm or cool, with extreme fluctuations. Along with the temperature swings, we have had numerous thunderstorms, but I am happy to report the vineyard is free of mildew that sometimes accompanies such conditions.

Weed control has been a bit of an issue this season, in large measure due to the constant winds that have accompanied extreme temperatures. Because of snowy, cold temperatures conditions in February, weeds did not begin to grow until after bud break. We are finally getting control of situation, however. The purchase of two weed eaters and hand-mowing where needed has helped.