Weather Keeps Us Guessing

Bud break looked like it was going to be early for 2022. April was reasonably warm, buds were beginning to swell, and I anticipated the start of things the third week of April. But, about mid-April, we got hit with cold weather and snow, and the cold temps hung around, so bud break is now later than usual, beginning in May, and is just about complete. The cold weather we received in mid-April caused a small amount of damage to the primary buds, even though there were no leaves out yet. The damage was minimal.

Unseasonably cold has continued, and last night temperatures reached as low as 31 degrees, so we started up the wind machines at 3 am. We expect similar conditions tonight. Since I arrived at  Stillwater Creek in 2011, this is the first time we have had a freeze after, or during, bud break. This unseasonable weather somehow figures, though. We had the hottest summer in history in 2021, so why not throw a little unseasonably cold weather at us this spring? I think this is why they call it farming.

In other news around the vineyard, we have installed our double-sided weeder bar on our tractor, another step in our efforts to promote sustainable farming, and we will soon begin shoot selection. Another vintage is upon us.

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